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    Texte zum Thema Zensur
    aus den Seminaren 2000/2001
    Zwischen Medienfreiheit und Zensureingriffen
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zum Thema Zensur:

(Die Texte zu den Seminaren findet ihr
Roland Seim: Interview zum Thema "Killerspiele"
von Pierre Kretschmer
mit Roland Seim (März 2007)

Jan Berger:

Das neue Jugendschutzgesetz: Schnellschuss mit Mängeln
Ralf Palandt: Indizierte Hörspiele - Hörgenuss erst ab 18 Jahre
Ralf Palandt: Der Volkswartbund
Roland Seim: What makes Censorship so fascinating? - Mundane behavior in the treatment of banned material
Article for the "Journal of Mundane Behavior" California State University-Fullerton
Roland Seim: Between Freedom of the Media and Intrusions of Censorship in German Popular Culture
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List of Examples

Censorship by
retouching intrusions:

"Uncle Scrooge": (originally unabridged and revised version): A lot of german publishers almost avoid letting allusions on violence take place in comics for children.

"Akim - son of the jungle": Retouched comic panel from the fifties with deleted weapons.


Censorship by
black bars and cuts:

"SPAWN", Issue 34, Febr. 2000, Todd Mc Farlane:
Two different versions do exist: a complete one in the luxury edition and a cutted detail in the common version to be sold at the kiosk.

This overview shows some of the Nazi Symbols which are forbidden in Germany today. It`s a punishable offense to use for instance a swastika in public apart from civic matter.

"Penthouse Comix", #2 (USA 1994): Because of this panel Vol. 2 was banned in Canada. Also in Germany it raised trouble but not on account of the sexuality but the swastika which had to be blackened with bars before import.

Censorship by
banning and confiscating
media objects:

"Get tough - how to win in hand to hand fighting", by Cpt. Fairbairn, Paladin Press, Boulder, Colorado, banned in Germany since 1991 because of Instruction to criminal offense.

"The poiseners Handbook", by Maxwell Hutchkinson, Loompanics, Port Townsend, Washington 1988, banned in Germany since 1991 because of instruction to criminal offense.

"Evil Dead", Sam Raini, USA 1980: This Film is banned in Germany since 1984. The censors passed this film only in a
cut version (R-rated).

"Butchered at birth" by "Cannibal Corpse" (Metal Blade Records): This record is banned in Germany since 1994 because of this disgusting cover art and explicit lyrics.

CD Cover

"Eating Lamb" (LP) and "Heavy Petting Zoo" (CD) by "NOFX" (USA 1996): The US-Punk Band "NOFX" issued two different versions of cover art. The LP version was banned in Germany because of "bestiality" (sodomistic Porn) the CD not.

LP Cover (Banned in Germany)


Black bars of Censorship 
and other intrusions:

"Resident Evil", Comic, Oct. 1999, in spite of censor bars this copy was put on the index. After that the original motives were re-reprinted on Anti-Censorship-Panels.

More than 400 hundred computer games are put on the index and 13 are totally banned in Germany /for example "Mortal Kombat" and "Wolfenstein 3D"). This PC-Game named "Houses of the dead" was put on the index in 1999.




More Examples:



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